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Allen B. – Bronx, NY – 5/5 Stars

“Finding a good dentist is just as difficult as finding a good mechanic, doctor or even a hair stylist. Mostly, I look for someone reliable, kind and professional and has me in mind when it comes to my needs and wants. People like this, are there for you when you need them; some, even to surpass good customer service. Well, Dr. Braverman is kind, professional and helped me when I really needed work from a good dentist. I located him on the Internet – it showed Dr. Braverman’s work on a smiling, satisfied patient that was on her way to the alter to be married. While I looked at the video, I saw a man that seemed dedicated to helping people in need and spoke without a hint of boldness. So, I came to his office, located at Central Park South in Manhattan to meet him. When I heard of the location, I thought this might be out of my anticipated funding. But I had to give it a try; it seemed to me that he might be what he appeared to be. The first meeting I was pleased with him and his staff. Over a year ago, I needed some mandatory dental work- He gave me a free consultation, with a plan that my pocket and mouth was able to accept. The plan called for two areas(upper and lower) that needed major work and the rest, some touch ups. As of today, I can gladly bite and chew without trauma. His clean office is great with a northern view of the park while comfortably listening to a wide variety of music- Dr. Braverman is gentle, an innovator and very friendly. I would recommend Dr. Braverman to anyone that needs a great Dentist-”

Frank Z – New York, NY – 5/5 Stars

“While enjoying a clam chowder, I bit down on a shell; cracking one of my teeth. On the advice of a good friend, I visited Dr. Braverman. I was able to make an appointment on short notice. Everyone in the office was helpful and very efficient. Dr. Braverman did a great job – quick and painless, and no one would guess that the tooth was anything but natural. I would recommend Dr Braverman without any hesitation or reservation.”

Erika J – Rego Park, NY – 5/5 Stars

“Since it was time for my semi-annual cleaning, I called Dr. Braverman’s office to make an appointment with Cindy the hygienist. Like the rest of the staff, she’s always a pleasure. She’s very thorough and gentle. While getting my teeth cleaned, I felt myself dozing in the very comfortable chair and environment. After the cleaning, I asked to take a look in the mirror to admire my pearly whites. I was a little concerned about some tea and red wine stains. We discussed some options. As usual, Dr. Braverman stopped in to say hello, take a look at my teeth and check on my prior dental work. The doctor suggested a whitening Zoom – a simple and relatively inexpensive procedure. Well, I did it. I love it. My smile now looks about ten years younger. And that really works for me. Once again, Dr. Braverman came to my rescue.”

Erika Z – New York, NY – 5/5 Stars

“The thing I like best about going to the dentist is Dr. Mal Braverman and his kind, efficient staff. Not having to stress about going to the dentist is such a relief. This is why I have been a long-time patient. Beside the fact that Dr. Braverman is an excellent dentist, he has a very soothing voice, and is good at putting you completely at ease. More importantly, he never hurts. I actually have taken naps while sitting in the dental chair. I never feel rushed or pressured, and always have the Doctor’s undivided attention. A while back, I had chipped a tooth, and was in a total panic, because I work in the theatrical industry. Not only did he fix my tooth immediately, but he took time out to get to know me and understand my concerns. His staff were very accommodating, and I was really impressed with the office teamwork. To this day, if I didn’t know which tooth was chipped, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. It’s a perfect fit and I’m completely thrilled. I now go to Dr. Braverman for all my dental needs. Because of the stress of my work, I tend to grind my teeth at night. Prior to Dr. Braverman, other dentists had suggested expensive crowns to prevent the tiny cracks in my back teeth from becoming troublesome. Dr. Braverman eliminated the problem completely with a simple night guard, which also eliminated my TMJ or jaw pain. Of course, the office is immaculately clean, and is in a terrific location, overlooking Central Park. The office staff is always understanding about my erratic work schedule. Thanks to Dr. Braverman, I can keep my pearly whites pretty and healthy. I actually enjoy the visit. If I were ever to relocate, I would travel in for my dental visit. If only everything were this simple.”

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