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Chuck L. – 5/5 Stars

“I have had a serious issue with deteriorating enamel. There was no enamel on the tops of my back teeth and my front teeth were almost translucent they were so thin. I had been to many dentists no one could figure out the cause. My regular dentist estimated a full rebuild at $60,000. After much research I found Dr. Braverman. Not only did he inspire confidence he helped name out multiple options without breaking the bank. His treatment plan was 50% of my former DDS, but cost aside, nothing compares to what an artist Dr. B is. My teeth are amazing. He was most attentive when it came to patient comfort and pain. Dr. B is not one of those take the money and run guys every follow up appt was promptly scheduled at no charge and I was treated as well as before. Needless to say, I highly recommend anyone who needs cosmetic or reconstructive dentistry – see the expert!”

Betty B – 5/5 Stars

“Excellent, Treated with respect, very friendly. Dental work is superior. If there is a problem, it is taken care of right away.”

Bill P – 5/5 Stars

“Braverman has been my dentist for more than 25 years. There are many good reasons why. Initially the doctor relaxed my fear of seeing the dentist. He has also shown skill and creativity both in designing treatment for my dental needs. He has always been attentive and taken the time to explain the why and wherefore of one treatment verses another. I’m sure the doctor will always be able to provide for you, options for your dental needs, regardless of what those needs may be. I also must mention that Mary and the staff always make for an efficient and pleasant visit. The good doctor has also worked with me when my finances were not quite in order. So, if you’re thinking about calling Dr. Braverman’s office to make an appointment, think no more. Call. Dr. Braverman is a unique individual and an excellent dentist.”

Anonymous Review – 5/5 Stars

“Here’s what I look for in a practitioner. Nice, clean, relaxing office (super). Warm friendly calming greeting from dentist and staff (super). Listening to me (super). Careful and detailed explanation of treatment options (super). Efficient treatment, keeping in mind my busy schedule (super). Effective outcome (super). Followup (super).

Guess it all adds up to Dr. Braverman being a super dentist. Highly highly highly recommended by me.”

Anonymous Review – 5/5 Stars

“I have known Dr. Braverman for over 20 years. Though I have seen other dentists due to closer locations or because they were cheaper, I have always found myself going back to him because he knows what he is doing – he is extremely competent. I trust him and always have. Though, I have strayed, I am grateful he takes me back after other dentist botch-ups. Lesson learned: You get what you pay for.

Dr. Braverman and his staff are skillful, knowledgeable, and amicable, everything is top notch. Your appointment time is your appointment time. Floor to ceiling glass windows overlooking Central Park. State of the art equipment to detect things other dentists can’t because they don’t have the equipment nor the skill set.I have had everything from routine dental work to cosmetic work (cleanings, fillings, whitening, gum trim, bondings) but he is very strict about getting your mouth healthy first. I am so very happy right now (again – its been 20 years of off and on visits) and not only is my mouth healthy, cosmetically -my teeth are perfect. Dr. Braverman – from the bottom of my heart – thank you. You can have 99 problems but guaranteed, your mouth will not be one.”

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