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Customer Testimonials

Helen N. – New York – 5/5 Stars

“Wonderful, knowledgeable dentist who is a master of his work. I would recommend his services to anyone needing cosmetic dental work.“

Stanley Abel – New York, NY – 5/5 Stars

“Dr. Braverman has been my dentist for over 30 years. I would not think of using anyone else. He is expert in every area that he has served me. I do not hesitate to give a most enthusiastic recommendation to anyone.“

EJ – Forest Hills, NY – 5/5 Stars

“Once again, Dr. Mal Braverman came to my rescue! I just arrived home after a long, turbulent flight. During the turbulence, I must have clenched my teeth a bit too hard; and chipped two teeth. I was devastated. Naturally, I went to see Dr. Braverman, and he managed to fit me into his busy schedule right away. One of the very many reasons I am a long-time patient. He took time out to listen to my concerns and took care of the problem in no time at all. Best of all, it didn’t even hurt.

A few years ago, the good doctor had made a night guard to keep me from clenching my teeth while sleeping. I’m very happy to say that this simple appliance did away with my TMJ (jaw pain) problem. I think I’ll take this with me on my next flight.

While sitting in the dental chair, we discussed ways to enhance the appearance of my teeth. Dr. Braverman suggested a simple Zoom whitening process. As usual, his kind and efficient staff were very understanding of my erratic work schedule. We managed to schedule a whitening appointment. Visiting Cindy, the hygienist, is like seeing an old friend. She is extremely pleasant and best of all, did a fantastic tweaking of my pearly whites. I am completely thrilled.”

David P. – Manhattan, NY – 5/5 Stars

“When I first moved to New York City, I found Dr. Braverman’s office by searching on Google. I was impressed by what I read online, and I’m glad I chose them. The office is amazing, the staff is friendly, and Dr. Mal Braverman is a real professional. The quality of care I have received is excellent. I highly recommend them!”

Kate L. – Manhattan, NY – 5/5 Stars

“Dr Braverman put my veneers on 10 years ago! and they still look beautiful I am a New Yorker, and I searched for the best and found him! I believe if you are going in with stained teeth and he believes that whitening won’t work -THAN LISTEN TO HIM!! or go to some cheap Dr who is not going to give you an honest evaluation! He has a roster of celebrity clients that swear by him-and He truly is kind, caring , and a perfectionist! He is New Yorks best!!!!”

Charles L. – Manhattan, NY – 4/5 Stars

“I have had many years of progressively deteriorating enamel such that that at age 36, I had no enamel left on the tops of my back teeth and my front teeth were so thin they were almost translucent and one had started to chip. My bi-cuspids had started to hollow out fro the inside. My dentist downtown had estimated a full rebuild of my mouth at over $60,000 so I had avoideddoing anything for many more years. Finally, I couldn’t wait any longer and searched for other experts in the rebuild field for additional opinions.

I’m so glad I found Dr. Braverman. Not only did Dr. Braverman inspire confidence that he had the knowledge and expertise to understand my rare condition and devise a solution, he was extremely patient in exploring and explaining ALL options available which ended up being a combination of various veneers, inlays, onlays, caps, etc. vs the full rebuild my 1st dentist wanted to do. Dr. Braverman explained how he could still save most of my tooth structure in certain areas which not only helped to save as much of my tooth as possible but also reduced the expense of what my 1st dentist estimated by over 50%. However, money is money and NOTHING compares to what an artist Dr. Braverman is.

My teeth look great now! I get random compliments from time to time and it just makes me smile =o) He also doesn’t just do the work, collect your money and ignore you. I’ve come in a number of times for minor adjustments (had almost every tooth worked on given my condition) and his office always squeezes me in and never charged me for any follow-ups related to the rebuild. I have since switched my regular cleaning to his office and highly recommend anyone who needs any type of cosmetic dentistry work done to see the expert!”

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